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GeeMail is a cross-platform desktop Gmail client, giving you an easy way to access your Google Mail account, either on or off.

Adobe Air needs to work (which is why it can run on Mac and Linux), and makes it easy for a window with the simplified Gmail interface. If you sign in for the first time, it may take some time for GeeMail to download your inbox, but it is as fast as Gmailin your browser. The advantage of everything loaded on your HDD means you have accessBefore the inbox gets and writes E-mail offline (send as soon as you go online).

There is no full choice at GeeMail, which is embarrassing because your attachments have not been downloaded to your messages so you can not access offline.
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Even if it appears that shotGmail, it’s really disappointing, since Adobe Air has given us some of thethe most prestigious desktop applications of previous months, and it would be nice if GeeMail was small.

As a simple Gmail client what you’re looking for, it’s good because it’s not absolutely necessary, no setup. However, there is competition in the form of Gmail’s offline Lab network, giving you fully synchronized offline access to Gmail.

GeeMail is capable, but simplified and desperately requires moremore options.


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