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Ace Player HD

Ace HD Player is a VLC-based media player with support for BitTorrent protocols for watching HDTV and streaming videos.

VLC clone with support for BitTorrent

ACE Player HD (also known as ACE Stream) has a VLC heart. In addition to BitTorrent support, you can stream HD content such as movies, shows or sports events.

Additionally it also offers the same functionality as VLC:

The same interface as VLC

ACE Player HD has an easy interface, withmultilingual support and rich functions. Players can customize with leather designed for VLC Media Player.

Where ACE Players stand VLC is stability and performance.
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Players play important audio and video formats without problems, including MP3, AVI, WAV, DVD, MKV, FLV and FLAC, without the need to install codecs.

Great performance playback and great picture quality. However, one thing that can be improved is the speed of the buffer.

ACE Player HD opens a link that starts withacestream: //, supports popular sites for watching TV streams and sports. It can be used directly in the browser (via plug-ins) or from the program itself.

Stability and reproduction depend largely on your internet connection and the number of people connected to it (far better). Adobe After Effects CC 2017 The user shares part of the file to help share files more quickly.

The last word

ACEAng Player HD is a revamped version of the modified VLC supportedBitTorrent. It allows you to use this program as a P2P HD TV with strong players and as a classic media player.


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