Imlay City Christian School recognizes that as a parent, you want your child to grow into their best possible potential.

We understand that not every child achieves Straight A’s, and we don’t approach academics with that focus. Each child is an individual, with gifts and talents which need to be nurtured.

A bright and confident child who is trying their hardest is unafraid to fail, knowing that failure is merely a step toward beginning again, having learned something in the process.

In a safe atmosphere with smaller class sizes, free from bullying or teasing, your child can grow into the self-confidence and love of learning which will enable them to flourish.

In addition to our rigorous academic offerings, we provide:

  • Physical education programs to stimulate your child’s growth and interaction as a team member. Examples are archery, soccer team, and volleyball/track/basketball/floor hockey clubs.
  • Our fine arts offerings include an annual Christmas program, band concerts, fine arts night, participation in the county’s environmental poster competition and more.
  • Field trips involve more than just getting away from the school for the day as educational locations are always chosen.
  • Community service plays a role in the development of the children as well.

ICCS is a non-denominational, parent driven Christian school. If you want to be an involved parent and the primary guide to your child’s education, contact us now to see how we can guide you.

You can schedule you appointment now by calling (810)724-5695, or clicking on the email link at

Take the first step to having confidence in your child’s education!

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