August 14, 2016


Admissions and Tuition

Does private school tuition feel too expensive? One of our parents phrased it this way.

“I drive an older car. My son’s tuition is about what I would pay for a new car payment. Time would pass, and at the end of my investment, I would own a car worth almost nothing. Instead, at the end of my son’s schooling, I have invested in the best possible future for my dyslexic son. A future where he now reads at a college grade level in the 7th grade. And that is worth much more than a car payment.”

Our tuition guidelines have changed here at Imlay City Christian School. Scholarships and tuition assistance are available. In fact, almost every student at ICCS benefits from some type of assistance with tuition.

Tuition guidelines are as follows:

Junior Kindergarten (Tuesday/Thursday/Friday all day)                                                               $1,925.00

Grades K-8

One Student (Grades K-8)                                                                                                              $3,200.00

Two Students (Grades K-8)                                                                                                             $6,300.00

Three Students (Grades K-8)                                                                                                          $9,000.00

Four or More Students (Grades K-8)                                                                                              $10,900.00

In our efforts to keep tuition as low as possible, each of our families is expected to assist with fundraising efforts. We hold a number of fundraisers throughout the academic year, and the success or failure of these will effect tuition for future years, so participation is vital!

Please note that in addition to tuition, certain fees also may be due, including: Registration Fee $100.00 per student (to be deducted from tuition balance), Building Fund Fee $350.00, New Admission testing fee $50.00, Fundraiser buyout fee $250.00 per fundraiser (optional).

You can find more information by contacting the school at (810)724-5695, or at Or you may fill out the application below and bring or email to the school.

ICCS Application

You can also schedule a private tour or conference with our Principal, Mrs. Karen Hibbler.

We are located at:

Imlay City Christian School

7197 E. Imlay City Road

Imlay City, MI 48444