May 27, 2017

Friends and Family

Dear Friends and Family:

We’ve talked many times about the dreams we have for our children, and the path in life we’d like them to take.

Well, we’ve taken steps to guide ours on the path to Christian leadership by choosing Imlay City Christian School for their education. It’s a sacrifice we want to make to give them the best head start in life we can.

I know you’re always wanting to contribute toys and clothes for Christmas and birthdays, but we have a better idea.

How would you like your present to be something you can write off on your taxes?

That’s right. If you choose to contribute to their education, the school will send you a tax receipt. And you can stipulate how you’d like your money spent, if you’d like it to go to tuition for us, or if you’d like it to go to music education, or maybe the building fund, or even for sports equipment.

Every year we hear of charities that are less than honorable, and if you’re like us, you wonder how we know that the money we send is actually going to the right place. With Imlay City Christian School, you’ll never have to question that again.

You’ll see the progress in the child you love, becoming a giving, shining example of Christ’s message.

If you have any questions, please call the school at (810)724-5695.

If you just want to mail a check, please send it to:

Imlay City Christian School

7197 E. Imlay City Road

Imlay City, MI 48444


Thank you again for your thoughtfulness.