August 14, 2016

About Us

Imlay City Christian School offers a quality Christian education. We use smaller class sizes and community focused education to provide a fun environment for your child to shine.

Our agreement with you:

  • We are committed to working with your child’s individual attributes
  • Weekly information given to parents about child’s progress
  • Certified teachers available before and after school hours to meet with parents
  • Grade ratio maximum of 10 students to 1 teacher
  • Interaction of all grade levels as Christian leaders to discourage development of any bullying behaviors

As a parent you will have confidence that your child’s education is tailored to them yet still meets or exceeds a solid foundation in the state’s educational requirements.  You will have a child who comes home telling you about a school day that was filled with Christ’s example of treatment to one another.  Access to certified teachers who truly teach because they love children and desire to see them grow as leaders will bolster your confidence in your child’s development.

Your child’s progress will be clearly marked out and communicated to you.  Parents will know that their child is fully prepared for the next grade because one on one interaction with your child’s teacher is easily scheduled before and after the regular school day.  You can smile with confidence because you see development of Christ filled leadership characteristics and know that your child has the tools necessary to make the right choice in the face of peer pressure.

If you are unsure your current type of schooling is the right choice or you don’t feel you have a voice in the direction of your child’s current school we encourage you to check us out.  If your child comes home and isn’t excited about their day at school or maybe just doesn’t like attending their current school, we would like to let you tour our school.  You are welcome to schedule a time to view the school at any time that is convenient for you.  ICCS can guide you so that you see your child thriving in a school setting along with giving input about the direction of the school through being a school board or PTA member.

You can look forward to conversations around the dinner table with your children.

Schedule an appointment today.  Email or call 810.724.5695 to set up a time to visit Imlay City Christian School.